July 3, 2017

Freedom Tree updates – the real reason why you need to do your homework

From left to right; Ellen, Anna, MacKenzie and Jessie


The end of the school year for many around the world.  

Exams, summer, teacher’s gifts.  Rest, recoup, and September seems oh so far away.

And for you?  what was your motivation to go to school?  

Get good grades? Please mum and dad?  Make friends?  Learn and be inspired? It could be a myriad of many reasons, but I am quite sure very few of you reading this would have gone to school so that you can have great healthcare.  For you women reading this did you ever think all those hours of homework, studying for tests, tutoring, would help you have better births?

Buts thats exactly one of the most over looked positive outcomes of education.  

In a 2011 WHO global study, women with no education were 3 times more likely to die giving birth than their counterparts who had completed high school.  In fact female literacy rates are moderate predictors of maternal mortality worldwide.  

Imagine that!  Simply being able to read can predict if a woman or her child will die during birth.  


According to the UN, children who complete basic education eventually become parents who are more capable of providing quality care for their own children and who make better use of health and other social services available to them.

Because of this, as the movement that is Freedom Tree continues to grow, Education becomes a larger and larger part of it.  Its why we build schools, provide scholarships for children and advocate for accessible education for all.  

And in a few days instead of drawing on much needed summer rest, Four teachers from Alberta will head to Sierra Leone to facilitate a conference alongside local teachers, collaborating to increase the quality of education for primary school children.  

When it comes to education, its not enough that children access it, the quality must also be good, and teaching methods relevant to the students. 

Thank you for your continued support for Freedom Tree, for without you we would not be able to provide programs such as this.



Mmama Sesay
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