December 6, 2016

Mmama’s Video testimonial – our funky, dynamic Freedom Tree advocate

Mmama Sesay
This month, we are so excited to introduce our first testimonial from a Sierra Leonean – Mmama. Mmama has played a wonderful hand in Freedom Tree’s work in Sierra Leone – as an interpreter of the Mende language, an advocate for gender rights and anti-FGM movements in the country and a guide to the heart of Sierra Leone as a nation. Mmama is currently a Freedom Tree staff member on the ground, working to implement our curriculum, gather data, and lead discussions in our partner communities. Previously a radio host in Kenema, Mmama is well-known throughout the country for her humanitarian initiatives. We are so thankful to have her on our team. Check out the 4 minute video testimonial below as well as our short interview with Mmama.

As a Sierra Leonean yourself, how have you seen the impact of Freedom Tree in your nation?

Freedom Tree has made so much impact – especially in the area of maternal and child mortality in the communities it is operating in. Before [Freedom Tree], a lot of women and children were dying in these communities but now, with the education and infrastructure undertaken by Freedom Tree, the mortality rate has dropped.

What challenges does the country still face?

The country is faced with a lot of challenges still concerning childbirth. For example, the donation of blood. There is not always enough blood in the blood bank and the relatives of many pregnant women who go to deliver are at risk because their relatives are too afraid to donate blood. The free health care is not effective because pregnant women and children are still asked for money and there is not enough education surrounding the health systems.

What is your role with Freedom Tree and how did you first get involved?

I am recently a staff member of Freedom Tree on the ground in Sierra Leone. I got involved about five years ago when Omotara came to Sierra Leone and explained her dream. I was so happy because it is my heartbeat to see how women can stop dying whilst giving life.

Tell us your favourite Freedom Tree story!

My favorite story is from the village of Sembehun-Tabema. The story is about the birth of a baby named Tara [after Omotara]. It was a miracle birth, as the mother had gone through so much pain in previous years from losing many children. But, since Freedom Tree started working in that community, she has lost no child. She has two children now, and Tara was the first.


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