Birthing Clinics

  • Location – Pujehun, Kailahun
    Year Completed
    – Ongoing, since February 2016
    Population Impacted
    – Approx 5000 people

    This birthing clinic is currently under construction in the village of Pujehun, in the Kailahun region. Freedom Tree is providing the contractors, but all the materials are being provided by the community. Construction began as a response to the village’s needs following the Ebola crisis and low accessibility to nearby birthing facilities. If you would like to help fund this project, please visit out “Donate” page.

  • Location – Sembehun-Tabema, Bo
    Year Completed – June 2014
    Population Impacted – 5000 people

    The birthing clinic in Sembehun-Tabema was built to address the needs of this community and the lack of accessible healthcare for the women. Freedom Tree provided the materials for the clinic and the men in the village provided the labour.

Project of the following villages:

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