Bombohun, Kailahun


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Bombohun is located in the Kailahun region of the country, near the Liberian border, and is part of the Jawe Chiefdom. Freedom Tree activities began in Bombohun in March 2015 mainly for the purpose of providing Ebola relief as the village was heavily affected by the epidemic. Ebola has left many children in this village orphaned and Freedom Tree hopes to continue an ongoing relationship with them. Fun fact: Bombohun is well-known by many Sierra Leoneans despite being a small village, as it is the hometown of one of the country’s popular musicians.


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The Five Pillar Approach

When Freedom Tree works in a village, we measure development in each of the five pillars. The more we engage the community, the higher the scores, which results in reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

This village does not currently have any data to report.

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