Masapanguma, Bonthe


Engaging the Children - May 2016 Villagers on the Commercial Boat on the Waanje River
Masapanguma is a remote village located in the Bonthe district in the south of the country. It is reached by a three hour drive from Bo, followed by a 4-5 hour river boat ride from the town of Gbondapi. The village is located off of the Waanje River in a scenic area, a 5-minute walk from the Southern Coastline. Because of the ocean access, this village has a strong fishing economy. Freedom Tree began engaging this community in February 2016 and it is our newest community. We look forward to more engagement in the future. 


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The Five Pillar Approach

When Freedom Tree works in a village, we measure development in each of the five pillars. The more we engage the community, the higher the scores, which results in reduction of maternal and infant mortality.

This village does not currently have any data to report.

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