About us

We believe that every life is precious and worth fighting for.  Please watch our video below to find out more.  


Tara's story

I was 5 years old when I was first deeply impacted by seeing another child suffer, a malnourished child. That image will never leave me. At 11 years old, Spurred on by my teacher, I wrote a letter to the local newspaper to draw attention to the plight of children in Bangladesh, advocating for our community to intervene. I could not believe that adults would allow this happen. And then I became an adult.

It was not until 2005 that I would pluck up the courage to volunteer in Sierra Leone, right after the civil war had ended. My experiences there impacted me so deeply and Freedom Tree was born, with the goal of seeing every life have a chance to fulfill its potential from the point of birth.
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Our Board



Fondly known for his love of showering in the Sierra Leonean rain, he is a people person who is passionate about seeing others fulfill their potential in life.



Well known for her love of rearranging people, processes and things.



A keen entrepreneur and philanthropist, Trevor is an experienced business oriented individual. Trevor also sits on the board of several NGOs, both locally and internationally.

Our Staff


Program Coordinator

Deeply passionate and caring, Jamestina coordinates Freedom Tree’s activities in Sierra Leone. With Jamestina, there is never a dull moment.


Scholarship Program Coordinator

Annie oversees the children’s sponsorship program in Sierra Leone.Immensely passionate about her work, the children refer to her as “Aunty Annie”. They look forward to her visits in their communities during term time.


Program Manager

Santa heads up New Harvest Development Office, Freedom Tree’s local partner. She is passionate about development in Sierra Leone and oversees several programs, some of which have won national awards.