March 31, 2016

Dead Women Walking – Freedom Tree updates

April team pic
April team pic – Jessica, Josiah, and Carolynn

In about 2 weeks, a team of 3 will head to Sierra Leone from Calgary.  They will be working with our local partners in Sierra Leone to develop a 10 week curriculum to be implemented in the villages and communities.  The goal of the curriculum is to empower communities through practical information, which in turn will reduce complicated deliveries and therefore reduce death rates.  By doing this we change culture, and attitudes….

The video below was produced by West Africa Fistula Foundation.  The women in the clinic who are survivors of fistulas made the skit themselves to tell the world about what they experience during childbirth in a village in Sierra Leone.  Its unfortunately an all too common story in Sierra Leone and an accurate depiction of what women experience in childbirth in another part of our world.  

I have an ostentatious dream, like Martin Luther King, its one that burns deep within me: that women in Sierra Leone will one day no longer have to experience the gross injustice of traumatic births.  This dream is shared by Jessica, Josiah and Carolynn pictured above.  And thats why they’re giving up 3 months of their year to work to see this dream happen.  This dream is also shared by Dr Darius Maggi, who in February made his 41st trip to Sierra Leone to offer this life saving surgery free to hundreds of patients.  This dream is shared by many of you reading this right now and propels you to support and join the movement.  May we continue to dream, and may we believe and press forward to see those dreams come true.  

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Click on the link below to watch the video

*WARNING* The video below is graphic and depicts real life events that may be disturbing to you.



Video: Dead women walking; a story of HOPE and the West Africa Fistula Foundation




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