April 16, 2018

Guaranteed High Yield Investments



If you live in North America then you are probably about to or have just filed your taxes, which naturally means reviewing any investments you may have.   

How are your RRSPs / 401ks /PPPs doing these days?  this day and age of worldwide economic uncertainty, the one thing that remains sure is that Investing in a child is investing in the future.  It is a stable, steady, secure investment vehicle with high yields. 

Fudia lives in a village called Sembehun Tabema.  He is one of our 90 recipients of the Freedom Tree scholarship scheme that enables under privileged children to attend school that they may not otherwise be able to.  This is a game changer as now he has access to opportunities he otherwise would not have.  15 years from now, we can look back see this small seed which would have grown into a mighty tree.  

Thank you for your investment into Fudia’s future!

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