Our values

These core values guide everything we do. We want to go the distance together, down the PATHS laid out for us. We know we are on those PATHS by ensuring:
Passion We connect first through the heart. We know that holding close to the understanding that every life is precious keeps our connection to those we serve locally and globally.
Adaptive We understand that attention to what truly matters allows us to be flexible, creative and lean. We approach our work with creativity and innovation.
Transparency we maintain a culture of vulnerability which includes honesty, openness and integrity at every stage, forging authentic relationships. We want you to know us and we value knowing you too!
Humility We remain open and teachable and are committed to maintain an attitude of humility, learning along the way from the people we work with and situations we come across.
Story We honour the West African tradition of storytelling, by telling stories of our lives and those with whom we work. We are committed to not objectifying the poor, but rather demonstrate dignity in our story telling.

Our programs

Each of our programs are designed for one end goal - to express that every life is unique and precious. If you are in Sierra Leone we fight for the uniqueness of your life to be begin and not end at birth. In Canada we partner with you to discover that uniqueness as you get engaged civic initiatives. We believe that it is by giving that you truly receive.

Local programs

International programs