Our impact

Freedom Tree won the 2014 YMCA Calgary peace medal award for our work. We’ve seen massive reductions of 80% in maternal and infant mortality in the communities we are working in.

Mammie Kafala – Sembehun Tabema

Mammie Kafala is one of the key leaders in her community. “Life in the village can be exhausting especially for the younger women. They have to walk for miles when pregnant to seek medical careand I have seen many of them die or lose their newborns as a result. I am very thankful for this new development (Clinic). It has changed our lives”.

Musa Kamara

Musa Kamara is married with 3 three children, although they had 6 and 3 have died. “I lost 3 children because we could not access medical care. My youngest child was sick in the rainy season and I did all I could but could not save his life. We had no way of getting to a clinic because the roads were so bad. It pains my heart, but I am happy for this Clinic”.


Scholarship recipient and Ebola Orphan.
Freedom Tree has given me more hope for the future, I promise to work hard at school so I can have a good future.

Josiah – student leadership program

I first heard about Freedom Tree at a conference in Montreal in the summer of 2013, shortly after its founding, and immediately was drawn in by their vision. The opportunity to be involved in pioneering a program in Freedom Tree was such a perspective-shaping experience for me. I met incredible people in Sierra Leone and came to a new understanding of the issue at hand. It was a bit of a dream come true – despite a lot of tough work!

Hawa – Student leadership program

Working with Freedom tree in Canada has exposed me to several heart-breaking situations and the desire to work even harder to help vulnerable people. This placement has given me the opportunity to experience a different way of life that I am no longer accustomed to and to get out of my comfort zone in order to take advantage of the many opportunities that life has to offer. I’ve grown both personally and professionally.

Christine – Student Leadership program

Freedom Tree to me is a movement. It is not just the things we do, or the leader, or the money donated that makes it run; but the people are the movement. I would say that being a part of this conglomeration of people has really changed my life! Being a part of this has set me free to be me and it is setting me free to be me. And that is one of the greatest things I could ask for.

Impact report

Download a copy of our annual impact reports below: