July 22, 2014





The new transformers movie is out – Part 4, The Age of Extinction.  Most of us don’t like to admit it but there is something so exciting about seeing the ordinary transform into the extraordinary …  and triumph over evil.

Whenever I talk to people about what I do, and they find out about Freedom Tree’s activities I get a mixed bag of reactions – from shock (wow I thought you were an interior designer), to joy (oh I’m so happy to hear what is happening), to amazement (really?  wow!),  then curiosity (so how exactly does that work?) to fear (isn’t it dangerous over there?).  Most recently someone said “wow you’re really transforming communities”.  My response surprised me “No I’M the one being transformed”

Truth is I can point to what is being done, and yes change is happening, we are seeing progress, but the biggest change is within me.  The deep wells of compassion that are being dug in my core, the crystallization of questions on “how” and “why”, the expansive view on right and wrong I seem to be developing; an often frightening cry for justice,  the less I seem to know the more I learn.

On our last trip to the village where the birthing clinic was built, the women sang and danced in joy, saying thank you for the building.  Taking in the scene deep gratitude welled up in me; I thought I should be the one saying “thank you”. So often people who come with me talk most about how they have been changed and have to wrestle through the humility of change through the most unlikely venue.

Now my car hasn’t changed into a fearsome fighting machine, nor do I see much visible differences when I look at my self in the mirror, but oh I am different…  bit by bit and little by little.  I am being transformed.


Enjoy these pictures from the most recent trip:


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