Every life is unique and precious.

We exist to express to the global and local community that every life is precious and that every life has a purpose that is worth fighting for. Birth should be the beginning of that purpose, not the end.

We are a group of perpetual optimists who believe that every life is precious.

This statement must true globally, or it is not true locally. Right now, in the developing world, every life is precious cannot be expressed without your participation. We consider it a tragedy that at the point of life, childbirth, Mother and newborn are most at risk. Birth should be a beginning, not an ending, and we want you to be part of the birth story. We see you and I living in a world where birth is the beginning of a life with purpose not the tragic loss of great potential.

We see a world where every life is precious.

Our Values

These core values guide everything we do. We want to go the distance together, down the PATHS laid out for us. We know we are on those PATHS by ensuring:

  • PPassion
  • AAdaptive
  • TTransparency
  • HHumility
  • Sstory

Our work

We dream of a world where birth and childhood is a great beginning not the end of what could have been. Our mission is to end the infant and maternal mortality crisis in Sub Saharan Africa through a unique global people movement of like minded people.

Our programs

Our stories

We celebrate our successes and we are open about our failures as we seek to learn from them. Seeing our dreams come true is a journey, and we invite you to join us.

Telling stories of our journey not only reminds us of how far we have come but why we do what we do.

Get involved

Join the people movement. Give your:


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